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Why is the Brain Evolution system the best brainwave MP3?

In a confident boast, the makers of the Brain Evolution System (Brain Ev as it is sometimes known as) call it the best brainwave MP3 and market it as the “most powerful self development technology on earth.”

And it’s easy to use too! When I first read the blurb it stated that to get instant energy, total relaxation and sharper, more concise thinking, all I had to do was ease into a pair of headphones and let the tracks do all the work!

Let’s talk a little more however about this 6 CD best brainwave MP3 meditation program.

Since its release back in 2006, the Brain Evolution System has been creating quite the storm of interest within the personal development field.

Like other brain entrainment programs who would also claim to be the best brainwave MP3 such as Optimindzation and the well marketed Holosync, the intended outcome is for the audio tracks to automatically lower your brainwaves to a very low operating frequency. This low frequency helps put you into a deep state of mind allowing you to experience and enjoy the amazing benefits of long term, well practiced meditation…almost instantly! Far better than the time spent by Zen monks to learn how to meditate properly!

But that’s where similarities to Brain Ev and its competitors end. Sadly, despite the marketing, ideals and technology, many of these CDs just don’t work for one reason or another. They can be incredibly boring, take huge amounts of time you just don’t have and can literally cost thousands of dollars to go through the entire program!

So I put BrainEv to the test to find out if it really is the best brainwave MP3!

I gave it a real red hot go too! For a full six weeks, I listened to it for 30 minutes a day, six days a week.

I had used Holosync before so I had an idea on the feelings and sensations I might eventually get from BrainEv but funnily enough, I must admit I really did feel “something” pretty much straight away! Practically immediate, profound effects really started to excite me…and my mind!

And it didn’t stop there either…

As I completed each session of this so claimed best brainwave MP3 I felt more in control, more focused and more relaxed.

And these feelings, while noticeable, were hard to actually pinpoint. I didn’t feel like a totally different person but I certainly did feel a kind of shift in my overall state.

Normally I would wake up sluggish even after 9 hours of sleep but even within the first week of using the Brain Evolution system I had a heap more energy overall, was waking up feeling great and yet I was only sleeping around 6 hours a night! I was also as sharp as a tack mind-wise! Whether it showed or not I’m not sure but I just seemed to feel more aware of my situations and life in general.

Now I was pretty excited with what I was seeing however my acceptance of BrainEv as the reason behind this was still lacking. After all, I am skeptical at the best of times and this process was so easy! How could it be working and could this really be the best brainwave MP3? In my heart however, I knew exactly what was behind my “evolution.”

It took a few weeks of using BrainEv but my work mates and friends started to comment about my new shift. Questions were being asked about where I was getting my energy from and I seemed much calmer than before. This recognition and external validation of how I already knew I was feeling was great. Even though what I was experiencing is hard to measure scientifically, I was pumped to realize that the people around me were noticing.

My evolutionary journey was also made all the more enjoyable thanks to the cool support from BrainEv. Helpful emails, on-line support and some nice videos reinforces that this is a modern, forward thinking company trying their absolute hardest to make good on their promise of producing the best brainwave MP3 using all the latest communication methods available.

I moved onto level 2 after 4 weeks.

This was a little bit daunting at first. After all, I had become quite accustomed to my relaxing tracks from level 1 and these new ones in level 2 seemed a tad confusing! It only took a few days however for the new sounds to become my happy place or mind-scape nirvana if you will. Like a new gym workout I could feel my brain muscle being tested and extended more than before.

A couple of weeks into level 2 now and I am definitely feeling stress free, my imagination and creativity is soaring and my brain is helping me remember much better than I used to and I seem to even actually be thinking faster!

I really can’t wait to keep going with this program and see where it takes me. I feel a bit bad because I had already classified it as probably being the same as Holosync and other brain entrainment CDs I had used previously.

But I was wrong. BrainEv is very different.

But is the Brain Evolution System the best brainwave MP3 and truly the most powerful self-development tool in the world?

I guess I can’t honestly answer that question as I have not tried every single one of them in existence! I can say however is that BrainEv surely is the most powerful and best brainwave MP3 program I’VE ever stumbled across. I think it really is a great program that smashes its competitors, delivers some amazing benefits and makes true and deep meditation accessible to everyone! That’s also why I have shared it with you here on my site.

Check out the Brainwave Evolution system for yourself by clicking below and see just why it really is the best brainwave MP3 you will find anywhere!