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How Can Subliminal Audio Help As Confidence Boosters?

Undoubtedly, there are people you know, mix with or work with that are pretty much outgoing no matter what situation they are placed in. Naturally confident and comfortably social, they are a pleasure to be around and always seem in complete control. Quite an admirable quality isn’t it?

But this is not you is it? When you meet new people or are thrust into situations outside of your comfort zone, you feel awkward and socially anxious. As for many of those confident and self assured people, you might be surprised to know that they are not quite as natural as you might think. Sure, some people are just naturally confident but believe it or not, you too can make changes and start to become just like those people you currently envy and admire!

Confidence like many life skills is am art that anyone can be taught and learn. The reason why these people are confident and you are not is that they have “learnt” their confidence from an early age. They have experienced positive responses to their social skills and efforts (perhaps they have been praised or told they are funny at some point) and with each small reinforcement their confidence and belief in themselves grew and grew. Perhaps you were not so lucky and didn’t receive such a positive response? Maybe you were even laughed at or publicly criticized in front of friends and family? Arguably worst of all, maybe you were ignored or sabotaged when you did actually make the effort to act more outgoing and more confident? And what was the result of all this negative reinforcement? More than likely you became more introverted, less outgoing and suffered anxiety as well as low self esteem.

Confidence really is all a matter of perception and is most real within your own mind! So many of the world’s best and most passionate speakers are absolutely terrified at public speaking and yet seem to pull off incredible speeches and presentations without a single sign of nervousness or fear.

The way you think and the beliefs you hold true about yourself are a massive link to building self confidence and self esteem! If you can learn how to change these self beliefs into much more positive images and reinforcements then you too can seriously increase your levels of self confidence!

So tell me how then!
Below are my 3 top confidence boosters and then an incredible learning tool that when combined all together will drive self confidence to levels you have never before experienced!

1) Actually learn and know what you are doing / talking about. It is totally impossible to project self confidence when you truly don’t know what you are talking about or doing. Take the time to really learn all you need to know about the skill or behavior you are trying to achieve and you will then be naturally proficient and confident. Nothing brings confidence down than the knowledge you are not 100% on your topic or preparation!

2) Project your self confidence! Just like in the animal world, in confrontations it is not always the most powerful creature that wins the fight. So many of nature’s conflicts are settled before they even start by the behavior and the attitude of the apparently lesser creature. Strut your stuff and fake it until you make it! I remember my very first speech in front over nearly 200 executives of the business I was in at the time and I was absolutely terrified! Never the less, I stuck out my chest, assumed a comfortable, confident position of strength and told myself I was going to nail it. On the inside I was on the verge of a breakdown but on the outside I exuded confidence and self belief. As a result, one of the executives in the room came up after the speech and told me how impressed he was with my presentation which then led to a big promotion by his hand just a month later! See it’s all about perception!

3) Practice, practice, practice! At every opportunity speak up, volunteer, nominate yourself and take action while others meekly stand by and hope that no one chooses or notices them! Not only will this extra practice help to break down your fears but will also equip you by necessity to take the crucial steps in your development that lead to ultimate self confidence!

Now, the ultimate in confidence boosters…

Now, in conjunction with the confidence boosters above, about that tool which will give you the edge and make sure you have the ability to follow through…
This is where subliminal messages come in!

Subliminal messaging uses technology that accesses your subconscious mind naturally and safely, beginning a process of making gradual changes to your way of thinking. As you continue to listen they will replace negative thoughts and beliefs with positive beliefs and therefore planting the seeds of a confident personality.
To put it quite simply, these subliminal messaging confidence boosters use brain entrainment to stop you thinking the negative thoughts and beliefs you currently hold and help you to instil the types of beliefs and thought processes shared by those of seemingly naturally confident people.

If you suffer from low levels of confidence, can you imagine just how amazingly good it would be to not feel awkward and out of place whether in social or work situations? Imagine having the supreme confidence to actually get out there and pursue the success you truly deserve?

Make a change to your mind right now with this ground breaking improve self confidence subliminal album, or if you haven’t used subliminal messages already you can download 3 free subliminal mp3s.

Don’t wait any longer thinking that you are destined to never have self confidence! Put into practice the above confidence boosters and take advantage of the subliminal messaging to win the confidence battle!