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Do Subliminal Messages Work?

Subliminal Messages MP3s – The Real Facts

Many people ask the question, “Do subliminal messages work?”

And it’s a fair question largely made because of the incredible amount of bogus claims that anti-subliminal messaging propaganda and those that abuse the technology with wild claims of crazy things you can allegedly achieve through subliminal messages.

And Subliminal mp3s are really gaining popularity!

It almost seems that every “guru” is bringing out their very own range, every hypnosis website has a selection, and don’t get me started on the new companies springing up on an almost DAILY basis!

All this hype can lead to a lot of misinformation. What is even worse is that, as I touched on above, you can have some ridiculous statements being thrown around about subliminal audio:

  • That they are instant
  • That they are totally effortless
  • That it is possible to learn Spanish while you sleep (you can blame Hollywood for this one!)
  • You can seduce a potential partner without them knowing (sorry but definitely NOT!)

These statements are totally false and unrealistic. They are overestimations at best and total lies (usually sales hype from unethical companies wanting your money) at worst.

It’s a shame there is so much incorrect information out there as If it is used with an open mind and positive attitude and with grounded expectations. Subliminal audio will bring some astounding benefits and even change your life for the better.

The crucial word here being HELP. The above crazy claims all have one thing in common – they’re saying subliminal audio will do all of it for you – this couldn’t be further from the truth. This separates the bogus claims and operators from the good ones who understand the technology of the subliminal message. In reality, subliminal messages are just tools to assist you.

Subliminal messages will help support your goals, such as weight loss, refocus the mind, and give you a push in the right direction; nonetheless, it won’t do all of it for you.

To give an actual example, it will increase your self-motivation but will not totally transform your opinion on something instantaneously. Subliminal messages will even help you stop worrying, but it won’t happen immediately.

It isn’t rocket science; it is simple, really – the subliminal messages statements slowly enter your subconscious mind to re-shape your patterns of thinking and your self-beliefs. After a period of time, the messages build-up and arrange your unconscious mind to your objectives and wishes and give you the best chance of succeeding.

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