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How To Meditate Properly

Why you should learn how to meditate properly!

It doesn’t matter who in the field of self development and personal improvement you ask – everyone agrees that…

Meditation and knowing how to meditate properly is good!

Meditation offers you so many benefits that really can change your life, solve problems and give you a much greater level of life ease and enjoyment. For example, requiring less sleep but having greater energy, increased brain function and mind power as well as higher IQ levels, a true feeling of self enlightenment plus many, many more!

But you probably know all that anyway but here’s a question for you! Even though you know the benefits, do you stick to a meditation schedule? Furthermore, do you even have a meditation schedule? If you do have a routine, are you investing a few hours each and every day? Do you even know how to meditate properly?

I will take a stab in the dark here and guess that the majority of normal, everyday people don’t even have a strict meditation schedule and those that do, simply don’t have the time to go through with it. It’s not about motivation or belief, it’s just that today’s world won’t allow us to set aside hours a day to meditate – even though we need it now more than ever!

However, there is a solution!

Like many interested in this area, you have probably at least heard of, if not used, brainwave meditation CDs before. Perhaps the most popular and widely known is the Holosync package – and yes, I have a dust covered copy! 

How to Meditate Properly using Brainwave Meditation CDs…

It is a complex process to try to fully explain but basically, brainwave meditation CDs play specifically designed tracks and sounds through headphones that work to influence your brainwaves. The great thing about this technology is that these sounds automatically, just by listening, brings your brainwaves down to a low frequency state that previously could only be achieved after many years of meditation practice.

Now, you too, even without the many years of previous practice, can learn how to meditate properly and start to enjoy the outstanding benefits that deep meditation can bring just by listening to these amazing CDs!

Some people would call this cheating!

There is one major problem however. Even though the logic for these programs is sound and proven, many of the brainwave meditation CDs you will find just don’t work or are not effective or sustainable in one way or the other.

As stated above, I have personally tried Holosync and there are various other similar programs out there like Hemi-Sync and Optimindzation just to name a few. And yes, their technology and science is beyond repute however their audio recordings usually require an hour of listening a day – at least! I am also sorry to say that they sound boring! My experience with Holosync is that it still takes a lot of practice, takes many years to complete the whole course and it is way too expensive. Another failing of these how to meditate properly programs is that they only utilize a single mode of brainwave entrainment which is such a waste of the immense brainwave technology modes available!

How to meditate properly without being a Zen monk!

In my opinion, there is a program that stands out from the rest…

It’s been causing a lot of commotion within the industry ever since it was launched in 2006 and is called the Brain Evolution System – BrainEv for short!

It delivers all the benefits of true Zen monk like meditation such as sharper thinking, heightened creativity, better relationships, improved memory, greater relaxation levels, greater energy, increased IQ, emotional mastery, less required sleep plus more and yet is achieves this without the same pitfalls of time, cost and inefficiencies as its competitors.

The Brain Evolution System contains arguably the most beautiful, serene and peaceful audio recordings that have ever been heard in this genre over 6 CDs. It is listened to only 6 times a week and only runs for 30 minutes making it much easier to fit into your busy day. Playing them as you drift off to sleep is the most favored and easy option. A most pleasing aspect is the cost of this entire program – a mere fraction of the cost of its competitors.

A big selling point is that The Brain Evolution System has proven itself the most technically superior product on the market.

BrainEv seamlessly combines three different methods of brainwave entrainment simultaneously using “3P DEAP” technology that comes together to produce truly industry pioneering results. This alone, guarantees a boost in your mind power, full body relaxation, enhanced creativity, and greater energy levels and a most profound experience.

To sum it all up, if you are looking for the one true leader of brainwave entrainment CDs and technology…

It is – quite simply – the Brain Evolution System.

In my opinion, BrainEv delivers the most powerful benefits of true and deep meditation in an easy to learn and implement program with noticeable gains usually within the early days of use. Without investing years of strict and regimented training and meditation practice, you will enjoy the amazing advantages of deep meditation and quite possibly, revolutionize your life!

Is using the Brain Evolution System cheating? The Zen monks might think so but we drive cars and catch planes instead of walking and riding horses don’t we? Technology gains are there for all of us so forgive me when I say that this is one sneaky little shortcut I’m sticking with!

Simply click below to find out more about the Brain Evolution System and learn how to meditate properly in no time at all!