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Importance Of Motivation

Arguably, the importance of motivation is critical to every task, ideal, job and more!

What one factor really counts when it comes to getting things done, sticking to your guns and creating better results in your work and personal life? For me, the importance of motivation is never greater!

But what is motivation exactly and what is the importance of motivation really all about?

Our old friend Wikipedia defines it as: the driving force which causes us to achieve goals.

Pretty simple in theory isn’t it and summed up in only 9 little words!

But what a severe injustice! Motivation is one of the biggest reasons why anyone does anything and without it, what a different world we would live in today.

The importance of motivation to provide the spark!

Get Motivated and Stay Motivated!

Motivation is the spark that gets us to take action, the swift kick up the butt to get us moving, the fear of not delivering a certain outcome and the yelling in your ear that picks you back up off the canvas after a knockdown!

Whether or not he importance of motivation is recognized as a positive, for example, staying back later than anyone else and working through your lunch break to deliver the best standards/results and get that promotion or used in a negative way like mowing the lawn late on a Sunday afternoon knowing that your wife asked you to do it early on Saturday, matters not.

The importance of motivation in the sports world…

Another example is in the world of sports. What makes a person become the number one golfer or tennis player in the world? Yes, mainly a freakish talent but all of the top 10 and maybe even the top 100 players have this sort of talent and ability.

The player who is motivated enough to mind numbingly practice the absolute fundamentals over and over again meticulously day after day gets to sit at the top of the tree. The player with the most motivation to succeed may be because they desperately want the money that comes with it to give their family a better life than they ever thought possible. The player who is motivated enough to do whatever it takes is again the one who will accomplish more and conquer all!

The power of motivation and therefore the importance of motivation ensures things get done. Especially when those things require toughness, courage, conviction and down and out dirty, old fashioned hard work!

So now we know the importance of motivation, how do we get motivated? Well essentially it is pretty easy to GET motivated. All you need to do is find something or someone that you really want, think about it and you will be motivated. Like I said, easy! The real struggle is in staying motivated because anything of value that you desire in life be it a physical thing, a status symbol, a relationship, or a career for example, takes work. The old saying, “nothing good ever came easy” holds true in this case.

So when the chips are down or it is a bit of a struggle, it is the importance of motivation that will keep you going. If your motivation is strong and stays strong, there is really nothing in this world that you cannot achieve! Case in point, the tiny tree that grows out of the tiniest crack in a huge rock or stone. This sapling was motivated! Hardly any nutrients, water, soil and other favorable conditions and yet this tree made it through against all odds simply because failure meant death and success meant survival – the absolute best motivation tool available to man, flora and fauna!

So now you are aware of the importance of motivation, it is time for you to create your own destiny! The arch enemies of motivation are negativity, self doubt, procrastination, apathy, and believe it or not a fear of success! The instance we start to let any of those into our hearts and minds, they eat away at our drive and ambition.

You can combat these evils with ease simply by using brain entrainment! Using binaural beats mp3 and isochronic tones, these amazing recordings help you build and maintain your motivation by taking you into the Low Theta Zones where programming of the mind happens! You will be led by soothing music accompanied by specific frequencies that will help you focus on the positive and block out all the negative.

Your whole mind and body will be resonating on frequencies which increase motivation and promote success. Don’t think for a minute that this is a standard “Subliminal recording” as you will feel the effects the very first time you listen.

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