Brainwave Entrainment And More

No Energy Always Tired Brain Entrainment Solution

If you feel you have no energy constantly tired, then please read on

There are specific medical reasons to feel flat and have no energy always tired, but most people need to change their state of mind to be brutally honest. Energy, passion, and attitude are often governed by how we approach things. Our lack of control of the lives we lead helps to bring us down and sap our energy.

For those with no energy always tired, there is a solution!

Can you imagine how cool it would be if, with just the click of a button, you could change your state of mind!

All you need to do to become happier, get focused and clarity, and heck, even fall to sleep quickly is press “Play.”

These are the claims from the creators of a new brainwave entrainment program called the Brain Salon. They say you only have to listen to some intoxicating audio tracks with a pair of headphones, and within minutes you will start to notice a shift in your mental state.

Does this sound similar to a tool from the future to you?

It certainly did to me, and that’s why I just had to check it out for myself!

So I set myself to work on exploring the Brain Salon

I was instantly captivated by what they were saying about the Brain Salon!

Because, after all, the thought of being able to change and control how I feel simply by listening to my headphones was irresistible! Especially the energy part! Many of us have no energy, constantly tired.

The Brain Salon program comprises six audio sessions, each running for 30 minutes that boast the ability to bring about a specific and desired state of mind.

The Brain Salon CD package contains individual sessions that bring about the following mind states:

1)      Increase and improve creativity

2)      Deep Sleep

3)      Getting Focused

4)      Relaxation

5)      Boosting happiness levels

And of course the big one.

6)      Increasing your energy! No more, no energy always tired for you!

According to the product's info, you only have to pop your headphones on, listen to the session, and hey presto, on-demand, your state changes according to what CD you are using!

I thought that I couldn’t lose, so I gave it a decent trial.

Getting into ‘The Zone’

Now we all know about that magical place that is “The Zone.”

Maybe you are playing sport and can’t miss it.

Training or working out and just “feeling it."

Cramming hard to study or write, and the creativity and intelligence ooze from you.

Or even if you are at work and just absolutely nailing it in whatever job you are doing – that is The Zone!

The Zone is that extraordinary place where we perform at our peak, where we are switched on, and everything seems to flow.

The Brain Salon promises to recreate that magical state, on-demand with the “Razor Sharp” session.

A bit dubious myself about it, I played the Razor Sharp session while I attempted to clean out and action my mail tray – a job that usually takes me about 2 hours!

At first, it was almost hard to concentrate because the noises and sounds sounded weird initially. Soon enough, however, I started to enjoy the experience.

I got to the bottom of my tray, and to my surprise, everything was done, delegated, deferred, or dumped just a few minutes after my half-hour session had finished!

Furthermore, my usual “morning brain fog” was gone, and I thought with a great deal more clarity than average.

These enhancements, including clear acuity improvements, were significant and seemed to last out the whole day. It was hard to put it aside. I skipped the next day and then played the session again on the following day. How amazed was I to see the same results!

That’s when I started getting interested.

Welcome To The World of ‘Brain Entrainment’

I am a pretty curious person and like to know how everything works. I also need logic and crave proof and backup, especially for such incredible claims.

Well, it’s all down to a science known as “brainwave entrainment.”

Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature detected in the brain. These signatures are known as “brainwaves.”

These waves can be measured and recorded using specialized equipment, such as an EEG machine. That allows scientists to map what brainwave patterns are present during certain key states of mind.

The Brain Salon recreates specific states of mind by having you play special music sessions mixed with cool inaudible pulses. It replicates the brainwave signatures of the mood or mind state you are trying to emulate, such as deep sleep, relaxation, and creativity, for example.

Although advances in technology help us detail these methods, brainwave entrainment goes back in various forms and research for nearly a century. It is fantastic and 100% safe!

No two ways about it; I was very excited!

Beyond Basics: Exploring the Sessions

After experimenting with ‘Razor Focus,’ I decided to explore the rest of the Brain Salon series – with some fascinating results.

I am not the best sleeper, so I decided to play ‘Ultra Deep Sleep’ one night.

Just as I lay down in bed, the pulsating, etheric sounds starting sinking in. In practically no time at all, I had fallen asleep and woke to one of the most relaxing and uninterrupted sleep I had ever had!

It’s pretty funny to notice that the user manual claims, “you’ll probably never hear the end of this session.” I haven’t yet, and I'm more than a couple of listens in!

More sessions equal more results.

I was grumpy and down one evening before a planned night out with friends. No better time than to chuck in “Happy Pill.”

For once, I was the life of the party! I was the complete opposite of my usual no energy always tired self! I had a great time with even my friends commenting on why I was so UP!

It still does not end there.

If your motto in life seems always to be “no energy, always tired.”

Then my friend “High Energy Espresso” is for you!

Perhaps you have a big day ahead, a challenging workout routine, are struggling to drag yourself out of bed, need to use some big-time mental muscle or any time you need a total burst of energy. Regular use of this fantastic program will make sure you never play the same excuse to yourself, that is, “No energy always tired.”

The Creative Spark session is brilliant to brainstorm ideas and find solutions to problems, and if you are trying to relax and chill out after a big day, then don’t reach for a beer or wine but plug in the Power Chill session and recharge those batteries! This alone is worth the program's price and helps make much better choices!

My Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Who would’ve thought three simple CDs could do so much – on demand and practically effortless?

Happiness. Creativity. Deep sleep. Energy. Focus. Relaxation. All in one little box. And all you have to do is hit the “Play” button to activate.

The wise man Arthur C. Clarke once was quoted as saying, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

For me, this sure feels like magic but cleverly disguised and delivered in the form of advanced technology.

Do I think it works? Absolutely!

Would I recommend it to friends and family? Without a shred of doubt – I hope to show them all how good this program is and what a difference it can make to their lives.

Happiness. Creativity. Deep sleep. Energy. Focus. Relaxation.

You can have them all from the brain Salon package and never again claim that you have no energy always tired!