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Reincarnation Stories

Do reincarnation stories send shivers down your spine?

Like you, I am mesmerized by the concept of recalling our past lives and the many genuinely amazing reincarnation stories that exist for those who look for them. Below, I would like to share two of my favorite reincarnation stories with you!

Many practitioners specialize in taking you back under various forms of hypnosis, and these are becoming more and more popular amongst adults and children. Past Life Regression sessions are used for several purposes, not the least trying to identify the cause of phobias and fears.

It is among children and their retelling of past lives and reincarnation stories that send the shivers up your spine. Even with the most vivid imaginations that children often have, not even in their wildest dreams would you believe that they are making up some of these accounts. The detail and the clarity way beyond their years act as clarification that these children have tapped into something beyond our normal realm of explanation.

Here are a few reincarnation stories I like that I think you will enjoy and marvel at!

This first one is directly from a session where a young boy was being interviewed.

“Sit on your Mom’s lap, close your eyes, and tell me what you see when you hear the loud noises that scare you,” Norman gently instructed Chase.

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I looked down at Chase’s freckled face. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to hear.

Young Chase immediately described himself as a soldier-an adult soldier carrying a gun. “I’m standing behind a rock. I’m carrying a long gun with a kind of sword at the end.” My heart was pounding in my ears, and the hair on my arms stood up as I listened. Sarah and I glanced at each other in wide-eyed amazement.

“What are you wearing?” Norman questioned.

“I have dirty, ripped clothes, brown boots, a belt. I’m hiding behind a rock, crouching on my knees and shooting at the enemy. I’m at the edge of a valley. The battle is going on all around me.”

I listened to Chase, surprised to hear him talk about the war. He had never been interested in war toys, and had never even owned a toy gun. He always preferred games and construction toys; he would spend hours at a time happily building with blocks, Legos, and his wooden trains. His television watching was strictly limited to Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, and none of the Disney movies he had seen depicted war.

“I’m behind a rock,” he said again. “I don’t want to look, but I have to when I shoot. Smoke and flashes everywhere. And loud noises: yelling, screaming, loud booms. I’m not sure who I’m shooting at - there’s so much smoke, so much going on. I’m scared. I shoot at anything that moves. I really don’t want to be here and shoot other people.”

Although this was Chase’s little-boy voice, his tone was serious and mature-uncharacteristic of my happy five-year-old. He actually seemed to be feeling this soldier’s feelings and thinking his thoughts. He really didn’t want to be there shooting at other men. This was not a glorified picture of war or soldiering; Chase described the sentiments of a man in the heat of battle who had serious doubts about the value of his actions, was terrified, thinking only of staying alive. These feelings and images were coming from someplace deep within him. Chase was not making this up.

WOW! Positively amazing and certainly beyond the imagination of a young child! And also, this one from an 18-month-old little girl who had previously only chattered random words and never a complete sentence.

How’s this for one of the eeriest reincarnation stories?

Elspeth was only eighteen months old and had never put words together before-had never uttered a complete sentence. One evening when  her mother gave Elspeth her bath, the baby said, “I’m going to take my vows.” Her astonished mother couldn’t believe her ears. This was Elspeth’s first complete sentence-and did she say “vows”?

When she questioned Elspeth, the little one replied, “I’m not Elspeth now. I’m Rose, but I’m going to be Sister Teresa Gregory.” Now her mother was stunned. They were not Catholics: Elspeth could not possibly have known about nuns and vows. She was only a baby!

Elspeth went on to tell her mother that “when I was here before,” she had been an old lady and wore a long black dress with a black cloth over her head. That was it. One day, two years later, Elspeth filled in the story about the nun’s life, describing her jobs at the convent. Her day began when it was still dark; she milked goats, made cheese and helped prepare the food. The nuns said prayers often, and when a certain bell was rung, they had to stop talking, no matter what they were doing. Elspeth saw herself as an older woman who fell over and died while saying prayers in her tiny room.

Stories of Past Life Regression Fascinate Me!

I have to tell you; it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Indeed this can’t be disregarded as toddler imagination?! 

Psychic abilities and "other" planes, dimensions, and vehicles such as Remote Viewing and Astral Projection are fascinating! Additionally, I believe in reincarnation as there are so much evidence, unexplained scenarios, and examples such as the two reincarnation stories I have listed for you above.

Considering all this, is it your wish to learn about past life regression? Do you have a desire for yourself to try and “go back?” Do these reincarnation stories inspire you to learn more?

Previously a therapist that performed past life regressions was quite hard to find.  On the chance you did find one, it was often a circle of drugs, hypnosis, therapy, meditation, and more therapy. Eventually, the subject would break into this critical wisdom state. This was usually after investing months or years and thousands of dollars into the program.

Don’t go down that road if you are interested in past life regression and reincarnation stories!

Using binaural beats mp3 and isochronic tones, brain entrainment works efficiently, putting you precisely in the state of mind required to experience contact with past lives. A genuinely sensational tool!

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The reincarnation stories/examples above have been taken from Children’s Past Lives by Carol Bowman, published by Bantam Books.

Copyright 1997 by Carol Bowman and Steve Bowman. All rights reserved. These excerpts may be copied and shared for non-commercial purposes only, provided that the text stays intact and that this notice stays attached to the text.

I hope you found the reincarnation stories above exciting and thought-provoking!