Brain entrainment

Remote Viewing Techniques

Easy remote viewing techniques are within your reach!

Within everyone, we have many amazing psychic talents that lie waiting to be developed. Remote Viewing is one of those dormant abilities and here you can learn some of the best and also easiest remote viewing techniques!

Viewing remotely is all about the ability to see people, places and things without actually being there! Once you have the ability to remote view through real remote viewing techniques, you will be able to see things that you are not in the immediate vicinity of.

This skill is different to the likes of astral projection because both your physical and spiritual body stays together and in the same place.

Remote viewing techniques or remote viewing is sometimes defined as being similar to dowsing in that you use your psychic powers of your mind to find the object you are seeking. It’s basically a form of ESP or extra sensory perception where you can view any place, thing or person, anywhere in the world.

To quote a well known fact, we only use about 10% of our brains and that is considered high – many out there hardly use half that.  This leaves a staggering 90% of the brain that we do not use or even understand properly. In this dormant 90% lies our psychic abilities and with some practice, they can be actually be developed and used!

Anyone can learn remote viewing techniques…

This is not the realm only of genesis’s as anyone can learn remote viewing techniques. Studies show that after people had reached the proper trance and deep brainwave state to spark this ability, they were able to perform this ability even if they had never manifested or shown any other sort of psychic ability previously!

You can use these methods to start developing your abilities:

Make sure you have no distractions and that you are sitting comfortably and easily in a peaceful, quiet place. Close your eyes.

Commence deep breathing. In through the nose and then exhale out through the mouth.

You must also attempt this with full belief and certainty. Your mind must believe that you can and more importantly will see the target. There is no half measure efforts when it comes to remote viewing.

Start off small! Attempt to see yourself from just a few feet away as if you were watching someone. That someone is you! Patience and focus will help you see yourself from a totally new perspective!

Once you have mastered this opening element it is time to cast your remote eye a little further afield. Think of and seek out a location you know well, the more detail the better. The family home or some special place will be fine. Do you notice anything not quite where it should be? Take a mental note and remember to call and verify your view later. This is a great step in giving you confirmation of what your mind is truly capable of.

OK. Let’s step it up a little more! Organize with a friend or family member to do some sort of recognizable motion or action in an adjacent room to you. Try and view them and then compare notes to see how you went in viewing what they were doing.

As you go through these and similar training sessions you will clearly notice the difference in the trance states you feel especially when you have had a successful session. You will recognize the feelings you need to feel and be much better at getting yourself into a state to better perform these remote viewing techniques. It is a state very similar to hypnosis even though you will be totally wide awake and conscious of what is going on however you will be accessing and using your subconscious mind.

Remote viewing and remote viewing techniques are always within you – bring them out!

Although our psychic powers are found in our subconscious, regular and focused training and the use of specialist remote viewing techniques will enable you to perform this skill at will.

If you are having trouble getting yourself into the right trance like state to succeed then do not frustrate yourself any longer. Click the eye below and see how by merely listening to some quality brain entrainment recordings, you can almost instantly and easily, be put into just the right state to succeed in remote viewing and remote viewing techniques!