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Seeing Auras

Welcome to the remarkable power of seeing auras!

Our True Nature or true self that we cannot hide is depicted as our auraSeeing auras is a genuinely astonishing ability that can help and assist you in so many areas of your life!

Whether they are living or not have a light or aura to them, and around them, however living creatures and especially human beings have the widest variety of auras, and as a result, so much more can be seen in one.  Auras are described scientifically as space or field that contains active electrical or magnetic lines, and seeing auras is possible!

Evolved souls and those with psychic abilities are born with the talent of seeing auras. However, with special training and techniques, people can be trained in the art of viewing the auras of people and even animals.

In human beings, the aura tells a vivid story about the complete workings of its surroundings. The different colors and the intensity of the aura tell us much about the physical and mental condition of the human inside despite whatever they may be telling you or hiding from you.

Commence Your Auras Training!

As above, you can train yourself in seeing auras; however, it will take some effort. These easy exercises are an excellent starting point!

Exercises To Help View Auras

1) Instead of viewing the whole body’s aura, start by concentrating just on the person's head. Close your eyes and then practice by slowly opening your eyes while looking at the head of the person whose aura you are trying to view.  It is easier to do this if your subject is in a well-lit area but with a dark background.

After a bit of practice, you should start to see some different colors around the head. As your skill improves, your vision of the aura will extend towards the ceiling. Further development and practice will begin to open up the aura, and the whole body will be visible.

2) In a well-lit area, looking into a darkened background, point your fingers towards each other, making sure they do not touch. Concentrate on just the fingertips and move your fingers vertically and horizontally.

After some practice, from your fingertips, you will begin to see beams of light shooting out and interacting with the rays from your other hand, moving as you move. You mustn't give up and practice this skill every day until you can see the beams – this is seeing auras!

3) Again, using your hands, point your fingers towards a darkened background making sure you are in a light area. Relax your whole body, clear your mind and achieve the peace and quietness of a meditative state.

With your eyes half-closed, look at the tips of your fingers and try and observe light emitting from them, perhaps even in different colors! Again, this requires much practice!

Once you have mastered seeing the light from your fingertips with your eyes half-closed, start practicing the same skill but this time with your eyes fully opened.

Once you are competent in seeing auras

Then you will need to know how to identify them. Good health is indicated by silver and white auras, while a gray aura suggests illness. As the gray darkens and then starts to turn black, this means that the disease is becoming much more severe. This alone is a tremendous benefit of the ability to see auras.

Spiritual people and those that meditate regularly display quite strong auras with vivid and bright colors such as purple, gold, green, blue, yellow, or even a combination of all of them! The aura can be sharp and concise or blurry and foggy. Powerful negative emotions can present in very active and jagged auras. As your training and practice continue, your ability to see auras will substantially improve.

Using the above exercises will certainly help you in your desire to view auras; however, the upper Alpha frequencies of the brain usually happen in bursts, making it challenging to develop your aura reading skills accurately.

Intensive training and mind-numbing focus allow the brain to develop these skills. But what if you, like the large majority of us, have trouble acquiring this consistent level of deep focus?

Fear not, as this is where the fantastic technology of brain entrainment can help!

Using the fundamental technology of binaural beats mp3 and isochronic tones, these specialized recordings take your brain through the various states required, such as alpha and theta, in such a way that makes seeing auras possible!

The brain is trainable and will be placed in the same state that makes exciting concepts like these become authentic skills and attributes!

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