Brain entrainment

Spirit Guide Contact

Is Spirit Guide Contact possible?

As we travel through the physical world as we know it and also the spiritual realm, our spirit guides are there to guide us and point us in the right direction. Sometimes behind the scenes and sometimes more direct by feelings and experiences, our spirit guides are always there looking and watching over us.
Spirit guides and spirit guide contact can be recognized in many different ways such as a fictionalized figure, an ancestor or known family member, a token or stereotyped image such as an American Indian or even just a shapeless or undefined form or entity. Furthermore, spirit guide contact can also be defined as a representation of your own intentions as you make your way through this life.
Many people crave direct spirit guide contact and this can actually be achieved through the power of your mind. There are realms and planes far beyond the comprehension of our recognized five senses and the human brain is the perfect vessel with which to access them – with the right tools and techniques of course.

What makes spirit guide contact possible?

Seeking enlightenment and creating a potential spirit guide contact is best achieved as a result of highly disciplined meditation. The silence, breathing, reflection, noise and distraction free state of mind is critical in opening the pathways to spirit guide contact. Following below are some techniques you can use to help you connect to your spirit guide.
1)    Pay more attention! You could already be having spirit guide contact and not even noticing! Intuition, hunches or so called coincidences often go unnoticed or unacknowledged. Think more deeply when this happens and try to increase your knowledge of symbolism and what things mean.
2)    At the same time, don’t just expect that your spirit guide will talk, converse or indicate in the same method or way as you might do. Some interpretation might be needed. Additionally, you may require different methods for spirit guide contact. What worked one time may not work the next time. Messages from your spirit guides are not always immediate which is why you should always be on the lookout for signs.
3)    A great skill to learn which encourages spirit guide contact is automatic writing. When mastered, your spirit guide can control your writing hand which allows them to convey written messages and symbols. When engaging this skill, try and use a dedicated folder, book or diary.
4)    Just as you drift off to sleep, think of the questions you want to ask or the problems you need help with and then invite your spirit guide into your dreams – the perfect place for spirit guide contact, messages and advice. Keep a diary or notepad by your bed to jot down thoughts straight away. Don’t wait!
5)    Be open to what your spirit guide shows you. Your idea of what you need may not be what is best for you right now.
6)    Don’t ignore repeated messages and metaphors. Many people write these off as coincidences but repeated images on TV, on billboards, within song lyrics, unexpected phone calls or visitors, even something as simple as a license plate should not be ignored and you should search for the true and deeper meaning.
7)    Vision Quests are an extremely old tradition especially within Native American, African and European cultures. By way of hallucinogenic enhancement (only in some cultures) but more so by extreme physical action such as sweat lodges and running in extreme heat, the mind is put in a state which induces spirit guide contact. Don’t try this without knowing exactly what you are doing and it is my recommendation to stay away from the hallucinogenic side and just use the physical exertion methods. Your safety is always the main priority.

Spirit guide contact should be safe, positive and enlightening...

Your spirit guide and any spirit guide contact should be positive. If the feelings you get from your spirit guide are negative or the advice they give is wrong or bad then this has been contact from another entity or you have misinterpreted the experience. Your spirit guide is never fearsome or scary, they know you and everything about you and only have intentions to help, guide and assist you as you journey through life.
Conscious mind blockage is the biggest obstacle when it comes to spirit guide contact. Disciplined meditation combined with the techniques and strategies listed above can help you overcome that blockage however there are new ways that can do this for you which are so, so easy and are actually more effective.
Welcome to the amazing world of brain entrainment!

Spirit Guide Contact recordings demolish this mind blockage by gently moving your brain into Alpha state and then transferring it directly to an exact Upper Theta frequency. This is the frequency of greatest inner awareness enhancement and within this very state is the doorway to spirit guide contact!

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