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Why Cant I Lose Weight?

Ever asked yourself Why Cant I Lose Weight?

It is perhaps one of the most common and incredibly frustrating questions that gets asked all over the world each and every day! The general population is getting larger, unhealthier, heavier and dare I say it bluntly – FATTER every single day! I don’t say this from the comfort of my fitness expert ivory tower either. I too had quite a weight problem at one stage and although I am so much happier now within myself after the work I have done and the results I have achieved, I still have a little way to go before I am truly happy with my physical form. At least I no longer ask myself that frustrating question – Why Cant I Lose Weight!

But enough about me…back to the subject!

The secret to Why Cant I Lose Weight!

The secret to weight loss if…wait for it…wait for it – that there IS NO SECRET!

Yep, that’s right! The secret the world looks for and talks about in weight loss is the EASY WAY to burn fat and lose weight and I am sorry to report that there really is no super easy way, diet, pill, shake, cardio/abs machine or whatever that will easily and sustain-ably allow you to drop weight and get into shape. I guess it’s just one of life’s real tests or challenges!

The thing about weight loss is that we all pretty much KNOW what we have to do and that is to eat right (or at least better than we currently do), get some regular exercise, drink a heap of water, don’t hit the alcohol too hard, stay away from junk food and treats apart from special occasions and try and live a life where the calories we put into our bodies in the way of food and drink is less than the total amount of daily calories we burn off each day just by living our lives!

So the concept to losing weight is really quite simple and I’m guessing that you already knew that anyway!

You are nodding!

Why Cant I Lose Weight is psychological!

The problem with weight loss is that it is PSYCHOLOGICAL! When confronted with hunger, all too often we reach for that chocolate bar or pack of crisps instead of an apple and even as we reach for it, again that voice in your head is telling you that it is wrong, it will make you fatter and later on you will regret it!

Again you are nodding! :)

And yet we ignore that voice of reason and listen to the devil on our shoulder telling us how good that treat will be and everything will be fine – “Just block out that annoying angel voice and eat the chocolate!” We associate more short term pleasure to eating that chocolate than the long term pleasure gained by sticking to healthy eating and getting the rewards of a slimmer, healthier and more satisfying body! Of course the devil wins!

If this is you, please don’t despair or feel bad – you are not alone!

The same thing happens with exercise. 99 times out of 100, once you get down to the gym or out on the road for that walk, you always feel so much better for it and – shock horror – you actually enjoy it! But getting motivated to get out there and get active is another matter entirely isn’t it? We come up with excuses not to go and then we moan and complain about it later when we know we have cheated ourselves. Again the devil voice wins.

Stand by for your Why Cant I Lose Weight solution…

OK then I hear you ask. You have answered my question “Why Can’t I lose Weight?” but what about a solution?

Well here you go!

Leverage on yourself and emotional and mental support from others is a HUGE factor when it comes to effective weight loss and the motivation required to do so. That is why personal trainers are so good if you can afford them. A good personal trainer will push you, motivate you, empower you, scold you when required, remind you of your goals and overall keep you honest – that includes being honest with yourself. It is this motivating and reminding process that enables you to stop listening to the devil voice and kick him the heck off your shoulder – for good!

But we can’t all afford personal trainers and some of us just can’t commit to such a schedule. What I am going to recommend for you however is both very exciting and yet incredibly simple. How would it make you feel to simply listen to your iPod, mp3 player or CD and make countless new neural pathways in your brain that help you control temptations, that motivate you to remember your goals and reasons for wanting to lose weight and better helps you make the right nutritional and exercise choices?

Using amazing technology like binaural beats mp3 and isochronic tones to teach your brain whatever you want, also called brain entrainment, you will be staggered to see the spectacular difference these recordings can make in your everyday life and in your quest to lose weight and get into shape! This recording will help you with all the psychological stumbling blocks of weight loss and well as helping you cancel out the association of “food” being used as an unhealthy emotional fixation.

These recordings really do work, and as such you will be able to feel this programmable state within minutes of the very first use!

These recordings will not blast fat off you just by listening to them but they will help you make much better choices, have a far greater level of control and help you with your motivation. Please click the image below to learn more and finally have a good answer to the question Why Cant I Lose Weight…