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Will I Ever Find Love?

Will I ever find love? and why can’t I find love?

Are perhaps two of the most commonly asked questions by human beings not already in a loving and nurturing relationship. Here is where you can ultimately answer both questions!

Many people in life are either unaware or choose not to believe the power of manifestation and also the way our brain works. You may have heard “You are the sum total of your beliefs” or “Whatever you focus consciously on or regularly think about, positive or negative, is what you experience in life.” or perhaps some other variation of these common statements.

This is because of the amazing way our brain or more importantly our subconscious works. Our subconscious mind can not tell the difference between reality and perception, true life or make believe. Basically, what we focus on or ask ourselves manifests in our life because of this process. For example, have you ever driven yourself crazy trying to remember something that you knew you knew, given up on it and then woke with a jolt at 2 in the morning with the answer? This is because your subconscious never gave up and kept “going through your brains files” until it found the answer!

Will I ever find love is often answered by your subconscious!

The same goes with negative questions. If you ask yourself questions like “Why can’t I find love?” or “Why am I single?” your subconscious mind will again go and find the answers for you. These are not nice answers either! Things such as “You sabotage relationships.”, “You’re too fat!”, “You can’t commit.” and so on… Your brain MUST come up with an answer for you!

Not pleasant but that’s how it works. You then keep going through the same patterns time after time, potential relationship after potential relationship.

So what really is the problem?

Help Me Find Love

Are you too ugly? No way! Way more physically challenged people than you have managed to find love! 

Do you have a bad job? Do you smoke? Do you drive a crappy car? Are you too poor? Are you too tall, short, wide, thin?! Are you too successful or not successful enough? Do you stutter? Are you an amputee? Is your skin bad? Do you have a funny accent or a lisp? And the reasons people give themselves for not being able to find love goes on and on and on.

The thing is that all the “reasons” above plus the thousands more are all DEAD WRONG! Yep! Every single one of them.

Unless you are the only one on a deserted island or in some other solitary confinement there is only one reason why you are yet to find love! You are not emotionally open to finding love. Simple as that.

All the crazy, unattractive, messed up, still living with their parents at 35, no job, mean spirited, buck toothed, long working hours, stuttering people and worse that have found love, have done so because they loved themselves and opened themselves up fully to the power of being loved!

This one magical state attracts love like you could never believe! Love is attracted to love. At our most primal level, we know in our hearts that once you are tuned in to your own ability to feel positively toward others, you will find someone special. This creates an intimate connection with the rest of the human race that allows and sometimes beckons others to gravitate toward us.

At other times we can lose this ability to love due to fears about what the future may bring or a painful past. Additionally, no matter how much someone may at one time love you, if you cannot fully love them back, the relationship is doomed. In these cases people often find themselves in difficult and emotionally draining situations or find the whole process too hard and simply give up on relationships.

If this has previously been you or you notice some similar behaviors, it doesn’t always have to be this way!

What you need to do is start to change the world by filling your own life with the kind of love other people find intoxicating, attractive and irresistible. If you are open and honest with others, you will find that you start connecting with people in ways you may previously have thought impossible. Living your life in this way will show you love that you once thought only existed in fairy tales!

However, It is not always that easy to just turn on the love and live with “an attitude of gratitude” is it? You need to be able to clear away all the negative thoughts, patterns and beliefs that you already have and replace them with the exact opposite. That is where the amazing technology of brain entrainment comes in!

With binaural beats and isochronic tones, these spectacular recordings alter your consciousness and stimulate your brain using deep Theta and Alpha states that put your conscious and subconscious mind into such states that ensure your mind, body and spirit is ready to find love!

To answer the original question “Will I ever find love?” Yes. You can.

Ask yourself better questions, banish negativity and love yourself. Open yourself up to the full power of love which includes giving and receiving.

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